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Dear Joel and Staff,

Attending the Jim Reinebold Fall Baseball Camp was one of the best experiences my son Tony had playing and learning the game of baseball. He played 4 years of college baseball and drew on the instruction he received during the days and nights at camp. It was as much (or more) fun for the dads and moms to attend games on the beautiful fall days. There really is no better place in Indiana to learn to play this wonderful game than with Joel and his staff. We were a two-hour drive from the facility and it was a pleasure making the drive. If you have the opportunity please sign up and be ready to really learn how to play ball. 


Greg Dee


Reinebold Camp


Fall ball, there is a lot to be said.  Our son played with the Reinebold league for 4 years and it will be missed this fall.  The saying the player is made in the off season is true.  This league is the best out there.  He not only learned skills with one on one instruction but developed character and relationships. The organization of the league is top notch from coaches to communication with parents.  People recognize when you say my son played for Reinebold because of the legacy built many years ago.

The fundamentals of baseball that he learned carried over into his high school career and allowed for him to a captain his senior year.


Most of all, he had fun!!  There is no pressure to win!!  All the coaches have a sense of humor and it made it fun to watch the friendly bantering. 


Reinebold league is well worth the money and time invested.


Michelle Debaets




Dear Joel and Staff:


I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the great experience that my son Josh had with your camp last fall.  He was able to sharpen and develop his skills and be taught by a number of  knowledgeable experienced coaches that emphasized fundamentals and playing the game correctly.  Teaching the game in this manner enabled an understanding of what next level coaches are expecting from players.


The most impressive aspect to me as a parent, was how the design of the camp and your staff put the enjoyment of the game first.  This was noticed from the stands and can be deemed a very significant element in how it affected the development of players.  It was certainly a positive experience that helped keep the opportunity open for my son to be recruited and ultimately find a home where he can continue to play baseball in a similar style at the collegiate level for a 700+win coach and a successful program.


I am aware of how much my son appreciated the camp and his experience as he specifically reached out to you and Coach Debroka almost immediately after he had made his decision.  For this I am certainly grateful.  Most importantly for my son and the other players, thank you for putting the fun back into baseball.




James Bendy








"My three years in the Jim Reinebold Fall Baseball Camp were the most helpful years in my development as a baseball player.  You will not find a better instructional camp around the area. Being in pro ball now, I realize that this camp was run as professionally as possible!"

Ryan Strousborger

Texas Ranger Minor Leaguer

5 years in pro ball 

2011 Carolina League Allstar 


“The Jim Reinebold Instructional  Baseball Camp is the best baseball experience for kids wanting to be the best they can be.  The outstanding coaches, the on field instruction and level of competition is superb.  We had 17 young men involved this fall and everyone of them truly enjoyed the experience, improved their baseball skills and look forward to attending next year.  As a high school coach, I am very appreciative of the camp.”   Jim Treadway, Head Coach Concord High School, Elkhart Indiana







Joel & John,


I would like to thank both of you for continuing the great fall camp your father Jim started 20 years ago.  My son George participated in the fall of 2000 and 2001 and my son Jim just completed his third consecutive year in the Reinebold fall camp.  George’s skills and understanding of the game were certainly greatly enhanced, and that, along with his hard work gave him the opportunity to be key contributor as a member of the Marian High School’s baseball program.  The instruction and coaching Jim has received these last three years has been one of the key components in his development and one of the reasons he is being afforded the opportunity to continue playing baseball at the collegiate level.  The emphasis put on dedication, hustle, hard work, being a good teammate, and fundamentally doing things the right way are traits that will serve him well as he continues his baseball career but more importantly will help shape how he approaches the bigger game of life. Beyond the benefits my sons have reaped from the camp, I want to thank your father Jim and the two of you for what you have done these last 20 years to promote the great game of baseball and the positive impact it has made in our community.  I hope you continue this wonderful fall tradition for many years to come and please pass on my thanks to all of your coaches as well.


Tony Catanzarite    





“If it wasn't for the Reinebold f all camp I would have never played college ball.”  

Brandon Hull   





Your model is THE model.   I’m not easily impressed...and I'm very impressed.   Keep going...  

Dan Bearss on camp instruction.






“My son Tim had all the tools for baseball.  What he lacked was the confidence and technique to get him to the next level.  At the Jim Reinebold Fall Baseball Camp, Tim learned to think and react to situations that not only made him a better defensive player but a potent offensive threat as well.  He had coaches that not only helped him reach his baseball potential on the field, but had the means to help him get the necessary looks for potential college scholarships.  It was at camp Tim met and impressed his soon to be college coach at Bethel College, where he started for 4 years and left holding all the stolen base records.  I would certainly recommend the Jim Reinebold Fall Baseball Camp for any player who hopes to play beyond high school.  The lessons you learn and the people you meet, can if you put in the effort, help you to meet your baseball goals.”


                                         Jim Ruth 







“I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and to the fall baseball camp staff for such a good experience for our son, Stephen.  I wish that we had known about your organization several years ago, but we are grateful that he had the opportunity to participate if it was only for one camp year!  Thanks again for all of your help and for the investment that you have given in the lives of the ball players.”  Denise Cabe




"If a high school player wants to improve his game, he should definitely play in the Jim Reinebold Fall Baseball league.  The attention to detail, and the teaching is outstanding!"

   Will Shepherd, Parent

 Former Warsaw High School Baseball Coach





"Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this program.  We have spent a lot of money on baseball and Reinebold Camp is the best!"


  Lina Newcomer, Parent




Dear Mr. Reinebold,


    I want to thank you for the wonderful experience my son, Trevor Emery, has had at the Reinebold Fall Baseball Camp. All of the coaches and staff are dedicated to making my son become a better player. Trevor has been coming to the camp for the past four years and each year his baseball skills have improved.


    Attending the camp and getting to experience “live” baseball play and to be mentored and coached in a real baseball setting has really helped Trevor to mature as a player. Where else can you make a error during a game and the coach stop the game to explain to you how to execute that play better? The coaches don’t just tell you how to play, they show you right there on the field during the game.


    Trevor was a shy-unsure outfielder his freshman year, afraid to attack the ball. He is now a confident-poised player who believes in his outfielding skills. He knows where to be in the outfield, to think about where he’s going to make that play when it comes to him, to hustle on and off the field, and he knows what colleges look for in a player. These are things he may have heard before but the camp has helped to tie it all together and make him a more well-rounded player, so he can play college ball and hopefully beyond. 


    I highly recommend the Reinebold Fall Camp to anyone who is serious about baseball and wants to refine their skills and become a better all around player.  The player work-ethic he has developed being around the professional coaching staff is priceless.


    Thanks again, for the wonderful experience!




Corinna Emery




Player parent anonymous feedback on camp:


“The best part of the camp was the instructional play. When the staff observed an error in a play or a player that could have used a better technique, the game is stopped and corrected right then. The players involved were shown the error made counseled and then shown the proper response to the situation. The players were then allowed to run through the play properly and once they had it, the game would resume. This is very good instruction and coaching. The player is shown the error, counseled, corrected and then praised.”


“As a 14 yr old incoming Freshman - my son gained valuable experience playing with some of the top talent in the area. The Fall Camp gave him a jump on the competition in the following Spring where he started as a 15 yr old Freshman on varsity as a P and 1b. His talents were recognized by other area coaches and he was invited to play on the American Legion Post 50 team as the only 15 yr old. Thanks for the experience - and we will be seeing you this Fall.”

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